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[19 Aug 2003|04:05am]
Okay i kno everyone is gonn akill me..especially Kerrigan, but im going back to using my old livejournal *star simoes*

i really dont kno what the hell i was thinking about this whole snoopy thing, i think joey go tto me..lol..all that crack..yea well...thats that...peace!!!
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[18 Aug 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Last night mike came home from N.H...and i got into a big fight with tom again..yea, exciting..

Well tonite i went to K. crouses for a lil with Lizzle and Ally Bay..we just hungout for a lil...lets just say, Stairs dont move and be sure to turna light on when walking up them, and "Im sure they sit around and r like Casey and Andrea, wow, i wanna get with them"...lol Ally that was the best line ever..lmao..lets see what else...

O Lizzle had to be home early and my mom was being gay so i went home with her.. Casey brought us, his car is pretty cool (or i should say his Truck)..and now im home and thats all im gonna say.."LIZZLE LMAO"


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[17 Aug 2003|06:59pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Last nite Lizzle spent the night, and K Crouse came to visit...she brought my B-day gift..and i was a popcorn maker..YES!!! THANX U LOVE IT!!! Now i dont need to use you for ur popcorn and BUTTER SALT..i have my own..lol. j/p...i luv ya girlie...so Kerr. left at like 9:30 or something like that, and i wont say anything more...haha LIZZLE!!!..lol..well today my mom and my bro were doin yard work cuz the asshole, joey, ruined it with all his shit that he has...so as they were doing that i fixed my hockey net and thaught myself how to do an ollie on my skateboard..yay!! claps for me..lol..and now it is raining like a mother...and im inside and bored..but i actually might go work out again..yes i worked out b4 believe it...lol..well thats it for now..



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[16 Aug 2003|02:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! [15 Aug 2003|09:27pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Well today is my birthday, and i woke up at 9:00am..yes A.M.!!!!...lol..then i got all ready to find out Ally couldn't go out to lunch, but me and Lizz had one HELL OF A TIME!!...lol...then after lunch we came to my house chilled, then we went to Studio Zee to get my belly button pierced..lol..it was cool..it didnt even hurt.

Then we dropped Lizz of an dthen my mom took me to the mall an di got my nails done and go tnew earrings and braclets and stuff..lol...now i am home talking to Jimmy and Tom..and im getting ready for my Birthday Cake!!!

Well LATAS!!!!...lol Lizz

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[14 Aug 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well today i went to the mall with Lizzle. I got alot of new things like a shirt, a scort, sandels, ankle braclets, toe rings, necklace, and underwear...lol

After that we went to Lizz's house and chilled a lil, then we decided to go to the movies to see "Bend it Like Beckham" (again)lol..we took Gina (G-Unit)...and Christine (Stino)..they were so
F-ing Funny...haha..they would get up and dance to the music and make all these noises when everything was quiet...lol...then Stino scared the hell out of me and Lizz..haha...it was pretty great..lol

Well thats it for now..my birthday is tomorrow and i cant wait...i migh teven get my belly button done, but im not sure yet...well see...

Well im out

LATAS!!!!! lmao Lizz

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[13 Aug 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well all i did today was stay inside and lay around..i didnt feel to good :[ ...now im watching Dumb and Dumber...lol..talking to Mike an dTom and listening to music..lol..

Well Tomorrow i am gonna get up early so i can go to the mall with Lizzle and spend all my b-day money!! haha

I really have nothing exciting to say so im out...


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[12 Aug 2003|09:12pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok so today Casey invited me over so i went to her house and chilled for a lil and we went online. Well Carenna was on so Casey IMed her and was like do u like Kevin?, and she liked flipped for no reason, and got Kevin involed in something so stupid, then she had the nerve to say to Casey no one likes u and ur just jealous cuz im better then u at hockey..well thats when i got pissed...so i told actually I hate u, Kerrigan hates you, Allison hates, Sam hates, u...shall i go on, and im like u suck at hockey...so then we told her to watch out for this coming hockey season, so she like ur threatening me...and we r like just watch out, so she was like bring it...well beleive me bitch i will...UGHH!!! I HATE HER!!!...well then we went to bobs and Casey got new kicks for school then we went to get ice cream.

Then we went back to her house and invited Ryan Gilbert over to play some lax..then we had some interesting convos...lol...now im home and thats about it...im out..

<3 Simoes

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First Entry [12 Aug 2003|03:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today is a very boring day...i was suppose to play street hockey with Kris and his lil gang, but he still hasnt called..so i am now watching some old movie on tv, and eatting my ice cream cake..

So if u havent figured this out yet this is my new Journal, i hated the other one, it was just "blah"..so i kinda stole the code from Lizzle so i can make this, but i dont hink she is mad..."R U???"....

Well my b-day is in 3 days..i cant wait..My bro is gonna take me, lizzle, and ally out to Applebees for lunch..Kerrigan cant come cuz she is gonna be in Maine still :[...

Thats it for now...i'll update later...


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